• Room to Roam

    Room to Roam
  • The Motion

    The Motion
  • Union Squared

    Union Squared
  • Still

  • Who Run The World

    Who Run The World
  • We Will Forever Be Faded on the Gold Skies

    We Will Forever Be Faded on the Gold Skies
  • Good Morning

    Good Morning
  • Hold

  • Again

  • Chaotic to Harmony

    Chaotic to Harmony
  • Darling

  • Paradise

  • I Hope You Find Your Way

    I Hope You Find Your Way
  • Im Awake, But Dreaming

    Im Awake, But Dreaming
  • I Admit

    I Admit
  • Cha Cha

    Cha Cha
  • Admire



"Bodies have their own light which they consume to live; they burn, they are not lit from the outside." -Egon Schiele

In this current body of work I am still exploring the human body. However, I branch out to the exploration of space and movement; a continuation from earlier work based on environment and surroundings. I tend to focus on connections and interactions with individuals among other individuals, individuals with space, and individuals with themselves; including myself and my own energy. The bounce of energy reflecting back and forth from a person to person, a person with environment, or a person with self is extremely intriguing to me. I try to portray this energy through expressive mark making, color, texture, shape and line. Allowing the material to act, and not forcing it to do something has made my work abstract and expressive, while still holding onto form and composition. I enjoy the process where I can focus on the process rather than the outcome.