About Casidhe Eero

2013-2014 Body of work: "Connection is why we are here, gives purpose and meaning to our lives."--Brene Brown. Through the use of multiple mediums, from photography to house paint, I am continuing to explore human interactions. However in this body of work, the environment and surroundings also hold an importance. Focusing on the connections created between individuals with one another, and even more with myself. How am I connected to the people I encounter in my life, how do I feel, how do they serve me, what can I give to them, what can we learn from each other? In this new body of work I am tapping into the use of shape, line, and color through expressive abstract mark making.


In my work the subjects are faces of people; people whom I do not know. While painting these people I am discovering the color relationships within the flesh. By doing so, my paintings become figuratively abstract and very expressive.

Through my process I am creating a painting that is flesh like. I am drawn to natural facial expressions because of the volumetric folds and depths that are created across the face’s surface. These folds and depths create light and dark hues of color that I then translate into my painting. I exaggerate the features of my subjects through expressive color and brush marks. By exaggerating the features and colors, I make spontaneous decisions that lead to even more slight distortions. These distortions give me more opportunities to play with the painterly process.

I begin the painting process by painting from my own photographs. I take photographs of people without them knowing, catching them in an awkward pose or expression. Photography allows me to capture a moment of time of an individual’s face. I use the photograph as a starting point, where I tend to paint the portrait how I see the individual(s) and maybe not how they really appear. In my recent work I use photographs from social networks from my visual culture. I like exploring the idea that I can now see strangers not only through my camera lens but through my computer screen. I come in contact with strangers from my everyday life either in person or through technology. I find it interesting how I am connected to everyone around me not only by passing them on the streets, but by passing them while browsing the web. The concept of being connected to people around me is what I want to explore in my paintings. In a way I am becoming even more connected to them, and my culture, as I explore them through a sculptural painting process.

My paintings are stimulating because of the cropping of the image, and the size of the canvas. The paintings tend to be amusing and sometimes confrontational because of the distortion and loud color palettes. Painting a stranger allows me to focus on the areas of color in the flesh, rather than a likeness. I want my paintings to be of that person, but not become that person.